Sarcastic, Noisy post-punk for a modern generation of jokers. With a prominent ‘down to earth’ approach, Bird Shoes lyrics echo personal experiences with a ‘tongue in cheek’ attitude. A play with everyday themes is a sarcastic take-down on modern society. Taking aim at the monotony of the general public's day-to-day existence. Bird Shoes puts life back into the post-punk band of yesteryear with new eyes and a slick approach.

Bird Shoes comprises Robin Clark (Vocals & Guitar) & James Gordelier (drums).


'DIY punk band of the highest order. I have got nothing but the highest hopes for the guys in Bird Shoes. This song is smart as. Listen to it, listen to the lyrics carefully and just let it put a massive smile on your face. what a great band!'

- Alex Baker

(Kerrang Radio)


'Within 30 seconds of their set it’s obvious that it won’t be long before the band have a strong following. When you think of Bird Shoes think of all the best bits of Slaves and Sleaford Mods; I guarantee they’ll put you in the mood.'

- James Wadsworth

(We Broke Free)